typoes aside, the fact that tucking is seen as weird and uncomfortable to talk about where binding is seen as revolutionary and the Epitome of Queer has a lot of interesting interlocking causes, including:

  • the violent stigma surrounding trans women’s genitals
  • the fetishization of masculinity within queer communities
  • masculinity as default, blank slate; feminity as inherently gendered - to willfully gender oneself rather than ungender oneself is generally unqueer
  • the shaming of women who attempt to take ownership of their bodies (see also: opposition to fat acceptance, contradictory patriarchal attitudes towards makeup)

And many more keystones of transmisogyny!

I’m simpler than you think. I’ve figured one thing out about this world– just one, pretty much. You find a cause and you serve it. Give yourself over, and it orders your life.

It  h u r t s  to say goodbye

Oh god, he was my light.